GreenMan Organic Seeds


I’m Jack Green, and I'm the sales Rep for GreenMan Organic Seeds. GreenMan is and always has been the only Breeder here at Greenman Organic Seeds. With 16 years breeding experience and over 42 years of growing experience.

I take great pride in the work I do, and I do my best to help anyone in need. I am both, a Medical Patient and a Cannabis and  Recreational breeder. I have many strains available to meet many needs of most customers. 

All seeds are produced using all Natural and Organic growing techniques. 

Most of the gear is bred using traditional open pollenation of a male and female Plants. Feminized seeds coming Soon!

  All Orders are now done with the donation button or email me for details on how to get the gear.


 We relocated in spring of 2020 to New Mexico where we will remain providing high quality genetics, Sun Grown and always Organic. 

Jack Green